Thursday, January 22, 2004

today was pretty cool.. finalli we skipped our old neighbour's yearly early morning visit and went straight to my grandma's house for lunch instead.. which allowed us to see much more realatives than usual ( = more ang baoz!!) hehe.. didn't noe qin kang (my uncle who's a few years older than me) had a kid liao. and he was soo cute!! esp when he smiled.. :) babies are such cute things when they're not yours..

sat ard until i realised that some of the guys were in the east side visiting relatives as well.. so we decided to go for a movie and went to watch magic kitchen .. wasn't a fan of jerry yan b4 but now i think he's quite cute.. no wonder all the girls are crazy over him.. he's realli well built and cute in the show .. but kinda irritating that just cos he endorses pepsi.. almost anithing he does involves pepsi.. Grrr.... and andy lau wasn't realli the star :( but the whole show had an infernal affair feel to it.. quite weird.. will try to read the book instead.. :)


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