Tuesday, January 27, 2004

can't believe how suay i am!

the interview did not go well today.. basicalli, i had nothing to say, they had nothing to ask me, period. the torture was swift. it was over in 5 min. wat a waste of my time.

haiz. aniway, went home and by some miraculous super suayness, manage to step on a tiny piece of glass in my own room. yes, when i haven broken anithing in my own room b4. !!! did not realise it until i felt that my sole was stinging and look down to see i had left trails of blood droplets where i stepped b4. sat down and lifted up my foot to see the piece sticking out. :S blood was oozing out. it was not a pretty sight. gritted my teeth and pulled it out and blood flowed even faster. but luckily it stopped within a few minutes.. it still hurts now, even though its not bleeding animore. OUCH.

got a job to paint murals on the walls of buttcheeks (a bikini shop in heeren). is $200 veri little? considering its my first design and painting job and all, it doesn't seem high but i have to start some where i suppose.. now have to think up some cutesy design to suit the shop..


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