Monday, January 26, 2004

getting kinda freaked out.. i've been waking at at bout 8am every day for the past week.. not by choice, but cos of something weird..

at bout 4-5am every morning, i hear the sounds of someone taking a shower. in my house's bathroom of course, which is outside my room. the sounds are realli loud and clear.. the water running, the door locking, the creak of the door being shut.. it can't be a dream since i've been hearing it everyday for a whole week at least already.. the noise wakes me from my dreams, yes, i distinctly remember opening my eyes, looking and the dark sky and thinking " not again!!!" and wondering why the idiot doesn't just bathe b4 she sleeps instead of making so much noise in the morning. i tot it was my sister at first, cos she always does that, bathe b4 sch instead of the day b4.. and when i finalli asked her about it 4 days ago, since that was the day when there were oni 2 of us at home, she said that day she didn't wake up until 8 plus and she nv wakes up soooo earli to bathe aniway.. asked my mom and she said i was crazy, she doesn't bathe in the morning as well. now i'm feeling a little unsure.. am i crazy? i always decide to get up and investigate the noise the next time i hear it, but either i'm too sleepy to care or i'm too scared to do anithing when the next day comes.. wat if i actualli see something i dun wanna see?? :( i doze off after the noise but wakes up again when my sister wakes up to go to work.. at 6 plus.. then doze off and wakes up at 7 plus and i can't sleep animore..

argh... am i going out of my mind?


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