Sunday, January 25, 2004

went to the temple this morning.. it was a nice place... veri peaceful..

after that went to andy's place.. his parents and relatives were realli nice.. grandparents and aunts gave me ang pao, one even left an angbao there for me days ago :) quite happy.. then watched dvd "what a girl wants" .. the show was pretty funny.. glad i didn't watch it in the cinema though..

went to zhiwen's house to have new year dinner with the guys.. they were playing WE11 on PS2 and it was kind of a bummer since there was nothing to do... finalli went for dinner at 6+... i was starving by then.. didn't have anithing for the whole day liao.. yonghui jus nice came back to zhiwen's house and he came along too.. ate zi cha at the coffee shop and i treated the guys to drinks so spent bout $10 in all.. still affordable :) later on played abit of mahjong and PS2 and we celebrated yonghui's bday.. he's quite a funny guy.. full of cold jokes.. veri much of a gentleman too, gave me the first piece of bday cake :) haha.. but then i was the only girl there.. as usual.. it was supposed to be a class dinner but the rest dunno disappeared where..


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