Wednesday, January 28, 2004

feeling veri hurt and betrayed. i shall nv go down to NTU again. i could see u pple wasn't veri happy about me coming liao. i was bored and lonely at home. i didn't come to disturb, just for the company. i'm sorri. and i saw u guys as my closest frens. guess i was wrong. its so much worse to be hearing this from one person. omg. omg. omg. this realli is the worst way to end a day. to discover all the people u trusted were hypocrites.

wanted to blog bout Last Samurai. watched it and it was the highlight of the day until the bad incident ruined it. it was touching. veri touching. i just borrowed a whole load of books on japan's history to find out what spurred the war. tom cruise character was veri veri well portrayed. the warrior who nv says die. if only i could be just like him. although things are certainly training me up. respect was always earned, and every single thing was done for honour, to honour the shogun, personal honour, honour of the samurai code. the movie was pretty brutal though, with body parts flying around in battle, and blood spurting out in all directions. the movie reminded me alot of LOTR, cos of the arrows i suppose, and the war scene. at least they honoured the code to the last and died with honour. :S


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