Sunday, February 01, 2004

boring boring day. sat at home cos every person i knew was busy. :( except when my sis came home unexpectedly and when we went to tan :)

family went out for dinner.. but later on, my mum had to go on and on at me regarding finding a job again. she keeps asking me to relief teach which is gd money but a lousy experience. i dun want to go do something i won't learn anithing from. :( its like i'm supposed to do wat she thinks is gd.. :( had a big fight.. and thus ended a horrible day.

had another nitemare in fact, of me going to a fren's function but he disappeared and his frens were mean.. they kept scolding me (for nothing .. :( ) and pointing at me. i tried to get away but i couldn't seem to run properly and they kept on laughing at me. :(

to top it off, scalded my thumb with soup again at breakfast today. haiz haiz. looking forward to eating lunch with boi boi later.


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