Tuesday, February 03, 2004

helped my dad install his modem today.. his new office is pretty big but quite sparsely furnished.. didn't have much in it.. at least he seemed happier with me after these 2 days when i voluntarily helped him solve his PC problems. although he has 3 daughters i think he should be quite pleased that we pretty much can do wat boys can.. solve his VCR problems, PC problems, sometimes tV problems, hi-fi problems.. (thats all taken by me actualli, my sisters are pretty technologically impaired).. at least he gave me his free cordless logitech mouse he got for free when he applied for a new singnet account.. :P using the mouse has never been more fun! haha.. it was realli light w/o the cable getting stuck and everything.. cool technology but not something i would pay money for :P

then went bugis and had my fav tom yam noodles from simply thai.. andy was clumsy and spilt the ice tea over my jeans.. :S pretty embarrassing but made a joke out of it instead.. at least it wasn't curry.. heh..

received the call for me to interview for mydreamd8.com, some contest i joined and forgot about.. wonder wat it would be like? was supposed to have updated that blog but it was pretty troublesome to update 2 blogs.. just left a link to this blog there.. apparently it was discovered.. hehe.. check out the other babes there.. woot!

gd luck to me for my hr interview tomolo!


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