Friday, February 06, 2004

was late for the interview today :S heh. but luckily, the people before that were taking soooo long that when i reached there i still had time to spare and wait.. anihow, actualli met xiaxue at the interview, she's the writer of the controversial blog that makes pple think she's a bitch and stuff.. but she's quite frenli and i'm surprised she's oni 19.. well.. i must say she looks older than me.. heh.. ah well.. not everione is as youthful at heart as me.. :P

the interview was interesting, they recorded our chat session on videocam & asked me to intro myself (as usual).. in these situations.. i'll always be torn btw the desire to impress and the desire to be honest... the desire to impress will prolly make me cook up a bunch of lies like i love sports, i'm realli outgoing etc.. but to be honest.. i'm veri hard to please.. one minute i could want to be veri active, the next moment i could just want to laze ard at home and play comp games, or esp if i'm halfway thru a gd book, i could just wanna just read my book and not do anithing else, if i'm missing my frens, i would want to meet up with them.. hmm.. everything i like to do is based on my mood! .. aniway, the interviewer was pretty charming & gd-looking, he kept smiling at me, i hope i wasn't blushing, haha.. :P as usual, my interview was pretty short ( i realli am not a talker!!) .. :( veri shy person in fact, veri camera shy oso.. so wasn't veri at ease with the video cam recording me.. despite the fact that i have a web-cam and i love to on it when toking to frens, i'm just pure uncomfortable with strangers looking at me thru the viewfinder.. well.. i'm sure i stand as gd a chance as anione with my looks, so i'll noe tomolo if i got it :)

had dinner at ajisen bishan.. and was puzzled when my debit card couldn't be used when i distinctly remembered i had $80++ 2 days ago and i hadn't spent ani money in 2 days. went to the atm to check and was shocked to see my balance being $15. omg~!! stupid singtel bill and starhub just deducted from my acc yesterday.. how to survive?? lucki my fren had cash.. and my treat became his treat :( some one please help me.. :( my angbao oni left <$100.. argh!!!!

haiz, boi boi dua me for the RnB nite launch.. so sad.. :( else i would be grooving with free beer to r&b music at Devils' Bar now..


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