Tuesday, February 10, 2004

long day today.. had 2 interviews.. first one for OCBC call centre, 2nd for CDAC executive.. both took 2 hours plus each.. back to back.. had no chance to eat anithing in btw so was starving.. had the oni 1 meal of maggi mee this morning.. :S anihow.. i seem to have quite a high chance for the call centre job, considering the other girls dun speak as well as me at all.. and my answers seem coherent for a change.. i like group interviews.. they give me a chance to outshine pple as well as time to formulate my answers.. :) aniway.. the other girls were quite nice, we exchanged numbers as well.. i think i was the youngest in both interviews.. all the pple seemed to have some sort of job experience or they were uni grads who went to poly b4.. hopefully i didn't look or sound childish when i asked the questions i did.. please pray for me everyone!! :P (i'm not a christian though.. )


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