Monday, February 09, 2004

woke up surprisingly with my legs feeling veri normal.. my butt aches.. and my back and neck veri painful.. :( couldn't sleep well last nite cos of that.. and my palm hurts to make a fist.. think i gripped the handlebars too hard.. and lost a chunk of skin on my right thumb and cut my left thumb too.. :P all the battlescars hehe..

aniway, for anione interested, we registered in NTU at 7am.. then left at bout 8am.. Kranji dam was the first checkpoint, it was bout 14km.. then onwards to Yishun stadium .. took a short rest at every checkpoint.. after that was sengkang, but was too tired and hot to take another photo.. heh.. then to pasir ris park.. for lunch !! heh.. finalli.. oni cycled until tampines road though :S me and hawx took some shots at the bus stop.. :) anihow... the lorry gave me a chance to take a photo as well.. it was a veri veri clear day.. .. didn't take ani photos at the next 2 checkpoints.. i think it was changi beach park carpark, then ECP.. guan and jinyi had oso KO-ed b4 me at Ponggol so we took the aircon coach all the way till ECP.. :P but they cycled the last leg heh.. so ended up at national stadium where we waited for the lucky draw and the goodie bag.. wat a gd day :)

photos can be viewed here..


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