Sunday, February 15, 2004

had veri horrid nitemare last nite.. dreamt that the window grills peeking out from below the curtains were feet. human feet dangling from the ceiling/window. as if there were dead pple dangling from the ceiling. it was so vivid i woke up feeling my heart pounding in my throat and my body veri veri warm all over. the worst thing was, i had dreamt that i had woken up from my sleep and was still in bed. and i dreamt that i was trying to shut my eyes from the horrid sight but it didn't work. and i dreamt that i was so horrified that when i opened my mouth to scream, no sound came out, it was oni after many attempts that i actualli started screaming. dunno if i was screaming in real life as well, but when i finalli managed to wake up, my mouth was all dry and my throat hurt. can still feel the fear just thinking bout the dream.


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