Monday, February 16, 2004

nitemare again!! :( i should start calling my blog "the nitemares of booboogal".. anihow.. this one's a little weird.. was in my auntie's house.. i dunno since when Zhou Jielun became her neighbour *swooons* hehe.. anihow.. somehow.. he became my bf.. !!!! ( yah these things oni happen in dreams.. should have known the gd part was too good to last.. ) anihow.. we had stepped downstairs to go for dinner when we saw 2 groups of kids gathered. yes, kids who were 8-9 years old. suddenli, one group picked up parangs and ran towards the other group who were rite in front of us. !!! we ran into our auntie's house rite opposite and locked the door in fear and was trembling while hearing the screaming outside.. it was horrible. (of course, things helped that zhou jielun was there to hug me in these dire times.. :P) anihow.. when things were finalli quiet, we slowly opened the door to see a little girl lying outside the door.. covered in blood and barely breathing.. :( was horrified by the sight of it.. woke up trembling and feeling veri choked up. :( yuck yuck.

helping out raymond with his e-comm proj today.. and my laptop finalli got a new keyboard!!! woot! now i have no excuses to miss out a 'c' or a '9'.. hehe :P


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