Wednesday, February 18, 2004

went to watch Natural City at suntec.. boi boi won free tix and jio me to watch the movie.. it was a Korean show, similar to terminator.. storyline is that cyborgs are trying to take over power from the humans, and that the AI is getting too smart for the humans to control.. the whole movie is pretty violent, blood and gore everywhere.. and the movie reminds me alot of several other movies.. like matrix (cos of the action and the way the cyborgs ducked the bullets), fifth element ( the telephone that spits out mail as well and the setting in the mid 2000s with alot of flying machines etc), terminator (the storyline).. on the whole the movie was quite ok.. got everything included (romance -- man & cyborg, loyalty & frenship btw the police, violence, blood, war) yuck.. veri gory actualli.. alot of limbs flying off cos of the brutality of the cyborgs.. :S alot of unexpected moments as well.. just go watch if u have the time.. its quite worth it..

after that went to carrefour to stock up on food.. haven had enuff food to eat for the past few days.. dunno why mom been cooking yucky food for dinner, and i had to eat noodles every nite at 11+ to appease my hunger.. :( yupz.. so bought the cheapest food like pasta and biscuits and peanut butter.. veri cham.. and the stupid agency haven call to confirm the job yet!!! cham.... :(


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