Thursday, February 19, 2004

was surfin thru some blogs yesterday and i realised mine does seem abit weak.. there were pple spouting poetry.. having more interesting stuff to read than mine.. or at least more funny.. thought-provocating issues.. erh.. while mine is just a record of daily events.. should i start lettin my creative juices flow? *rolls my eyes* who am i kidding? :P i dun have poetic tots all the time.. just once in a while.. and i dun record them so they like totalli disappear.. heh.. aniway, some gd news in my booboo life.. i attained silver battleaxe in gunbound, and i managed to buy the arch angel set!! woohoo!! a little lame.. but its easier to find joy in little things and be happy rather than wait around for big things to be happy about... esp now that i'm just sitting at home most of the days playing comp games to save money.. going to set up a wish list on the side of the tag board.. so that kind angels can make me happy and make the world happy as well :)

boi boi saw me last nite and said i dun look veri cute animore :( wah sad sia... but i can feel it.. i think i'm the kind that draws my energy from going out, being around pple i love, having fun.. the more i'm cooped up at home, the more jaded i become.. does that make sense? i'm energized by the energy of others? hmm.. anihow... last nite i felt veri invisible.. like pple couldn't see me.. i used to turn heads when i walk past, i dunno why (seriously i dunno why, maybe they were staring at my pimple? or i realli looked like an alien?) now.. nothing.. i just feel like i'm not there.. i think i'm going crazy from staying at home too much too.. :S


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