Friday, February 20, 2004

feeling a little down. went for interview at standard charter today and once again.. i waited an hour for an interview thats barely 10 min. is it me? do they hate toking to me that they try to shorten all the interviews when they see me? sighz. met the job agency guy b4 the interview and he told me that ocbc's prolly going to reject me cos they feel that my personality profile test was too gd. yes TOO GOOD. wat crap is that? next time offer pple a job AFTER u go thru everything. not change ur mind after telling the candidate that u're going to hire them. its damn traumatic. :S veri veri pissed. shall close my OCBC acc asap. wat lousy HR. i feel like crying. :(

after the interview had 2 hours to kill b4 meeting the guys so decided to take 154 to boon lay. from paya lebar. it took an hour half cos i alighted at clementi to get a magazine to read cos it was killing me to just sit and do nothing on a super long bus journey. had alot of thots on the long ride. was thinking bout how the more relationships i get into, the less likely of myself i'll be committing in the next. its quite a sad thing, and its kinda unfair to the next guy that comes along. i go in wholeheartedly and come out veri hurt. either i hurt him or he hurt me. :( but relationships are all bout taking risks isn't it? the feeling of getting to noe each other, of new experiences together.. the knowledge that there is some one there for u to share ur day with and there is someone who actualli cares bout wat u do each day. sighz. wonder if my soulmate is aniwhere ard.


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