Thursday, February 26, 2004

finalli. work at AA2004 is over!!! woohoo~!!! things i gained:
  • a dark tan
  • a lot of aeroplane badges
  • new frenships with a bunch of girls
  • several photo taking sessions with foreign pilots/army personnel/ businessmen
  • a newfound interest in aircraft
  • deep admiration for fighter pilots

from observation and interaction, french business pple are pretty unfrenli unless u have business for them. Italians are veri flirtacious, although not being able to speak much english.. dutch are nice and they are generous, giving out alot of souvenirs and explaining them to us.. :P and the australian pilots were realli nice.. they came by our booth everyday to give us little souvenirs like stickers and decals and pictures.. :) and they took picts with us all the time.. the thai air force tot bbg was beautiful and were queuing up to take picts with me.. :) they were veri shy and veri polite.. hehe... there were other girls there but they chose me.. hahahah!! so happy.. aniway.. pity i dun have ani photo of these at all.. but the aussies invited us to a party on sunday in their booth or something i'm not sure.. but supposed to be going with deanna and julia.. :)

watched big fish. it was great. superb direction by tim burton. and veri veri good plot. it realli is the heartwarming comedy it claims to be.. :S was so touched and sad i was crying at the end.. :(


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