Wednesday, February 25, 2004

today my cousin zhenchang came to see the exhibition.. it was scorching hot. i think this was when i kena sun burnt. in the morning took picts for the show's camera man. and with french navy officers i think haha.. met jiaxing today when i was walking ard with zc, abit surprised. felt a twinge but that was all. haiz. he wasn't as cute liao.. more tired looking, but still him. with a great body and a great ass still, i was thinking when i saw his back view. damn it. anihow, my back hurt and legs too and i was sitting ard the whole afternoon. :S head hurts a little and i think i'll sleep soon. abit bored of the air display.. everyday almost the same. got alot more pins and the Italians were veri frenli though.. :)


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