Wednesday, February 25, 2004

today had another great day. a magazine/journal/newspaper took a photo of me, some foreigners took photos with us.. and australian pilots too :) they were realli polite.. and they gave out their publicity shots of their planes to us. my fav plane is the Rafale! woo!!! its 2.5x speed of sound and has veri veri powerful engines. but i tink i'm getting sun burnt. shoulders and nose reddening. strangely, i'm getting along veri well with the younger girls in the group.. now i noe how old my mentality is.. :S 17/18 oni. damn...

but nvm.. today kirin came all the way from NTU to meet me for dinner and to give me a ride home. he was late by a WHOLE hour. had to endure the stares of the army pple as i had to borrow toilet at the SAF ferry terminal. veri embarrassing. but he gave me a superb view of the airfield by riding along the airport, and he was forgiven for the lateness. :P realised we were both veri penniless pple so i promised to give him a treat after i get my pay. :)


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