Monday, March 01, 2004

once again.. blogging live from NTU library..
Position: above canteen A, Lee Wee Nam Library.
PC number: A4154

the weather's terribly hot today and the library's quite cold.. got a tickle in my throat.. the kind of feeling that ur throat is veri uncomfortable and hurts a little despite downing tons of water.. i've been to the loo like dunno how many times but my throat still hurts.. :S and my ulcer too.. strangely, Coke is the onli drink that actualli soothes the ulcer.. veri weird huh? n i think my breath is a little stinky cos of the heatiness too.. *croaks* so dun kiss me pple, but if u wanna kiss me, dun say i didn't warn u.. i think i betta buy lozenges later..

been in the library since 11am trying to study qualitative analysis (some CFA thingey).. its 5+ now and i just finished a chapter. LOL... this is why u should nv study with a comp in front of u.. i have however, finished at least 10 games of yahoo dominoes.. :P i'm pretty bored.. and worse thing is, i forgot to bring my singtel hp out today.. !! feels veri weird w/o it, but then again, i dun think anione actualli sms-ed me at all. :S

think i'm falling sick.. head feels giddy and yah, the throat thing too.. and lips veri dry as well.. sighz. hope tomolo will be betta.. have to reach changi at 9am.. damn..


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