Saturday, February 28, 2004

went to simlim today to check out laptops.. everything seemed realli gd.. i also want to change my laptop!!! hmm... aniway... went to wheelock place to change my nike top to another of the same value.. to a white one.. no choice, the black one had no more S size aniwhere... :S after that went esplanade to wait for the rest for dinner.. took alot of stupid shots in the meantime.. :P it was realli great at the esplanade, there was a veri cooling breeze and it was veri relaxing to just sit there and chat..

the rest were all late, at least by an hour.. grr.. but turns out they were all pretty nice pple.. i did not like the way some kept making sexual jokes.. :S aniway.. had a gd dinner at thai express.. the rest did not enjoy spicy food it seems.. haha... after that had no more money but they headed to haagen dazs for dessert and poor me had to sit and watch them eat.. :X aniway.. save money save money!!!!

very tired now and tomolo i start a new tuition kid... sianz.. hope she's nice..


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