Saturday, March 06, 2004

got the LOTR job.. think i have to sacrifice my warehouse sale.. actualli its just an exhibition science centre is banking on the LOTR's name.. something bout special effects.. nothing related to LOTR actualli.. it is next to the LOTR exhibition however..

watched old vcds in the afternoon.. american pie 1 is realli funny.. which was gd cos my mood totalli went downhill in the evening. my fren jioed me for coffee in the evening.. and i was like on the bus oredi at newton area when he msged me to say that he's not coming. F**ker!! super dulan. esp now when i am realli conscious of every single cent i spend. i went all the way to suntec and back home for nothing. wasted $2.50 which is equivalent to a meal!! (yes, now i oni eat $2-3 per meal. ) wah piang, if u noe u can't finish ur work, dun even think bout going out until u can actualli see the end lah!! tmd.. i HATE being stood up, esp since i NV EVER do that to anione. having a sore throat as well does not alleviate the situation.


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