Friday, March 05, 2004

my sis got 4As and A2 for GP!!!woohoo!! just a notch better than me but CONGRATS!

met pearlyn to give back the m1 work clothes today.. and got back the taxi claims from henry.. finalli!! had a drink with her at burger King cos it was soo freaking humid outside.. lucki her, she's going to NYU to study.. :S but at least now have a fren with an apartment in NY should i choose to tour there.. :)

then went to the career fair. i suddenli saw alot of opportunities for furthering my studies in France. they have a masters course which includes internships in French firms (of course must learn to speak fluent french for better chances) but the majority of the courses are held in english.. which is quite gd for us..and the cost is reasonable.. about S$20K including living expenses for a year there which is much more worth it than spending that on a degree course in singapore.. !! haha.. veri excited now.. at least now i have a goal to work towards.. even if i can't go this year.. i will be aiming to go there next year.. :)

finalli got the sammi cheng cd!! sis bought it at tower records.. they were having an offer.. $20 oni heh.. and andy got a free OP t-shirt cos he was approved for the visa mini card.. so he gave it to me instead.. (the t-shirt not the card..) yay..


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