Monday, March 08, 2004

first day at science centre.. turns out i'm in charge of all the technical aspects like setting up PCs.. and i learnt how to connect LAN cables to their heads today with some clamper thing.. something new.. and it was damn tough to use with it blunt blades.. in the end resorted to using scissors which was much much more efficient.. yup.. was in charge of setting up the internet connection for the entrance booth.. ! and the PCs needed for that booth.. science centre uses acrylic casing for all their PCS.. nice to look at but veri difficult to set up.. cos of the stupid thickness of the acrylic pieces.. the screws had to be extra long and the power cables weren't working.. sianz.. but at least it was a relaxing day... after setting up, i think my duties for the rest of the days will include facilitating IMovie workshops and helping out in the SFX exhibition video conversion..

ooh and i got to see the LOTR exhibition liao.. !! so exciting!! the costumes were realli cool.. but the props were kinda disappointing.. its just that some of the magic is lost after seeing these things.. like knowing the secrets behind wrestling.. although the swords and the accessories that the characters used were super cool.. and some of the characters like sauron and the urukhai and the trolls were realli lifelike.. there's a wax Boromir's body there as well... the tix are $20 each but u get a stamp on ur hand that allows u entry for i think 2 weeks.. (if u dun wash it away that is.. ) unfortunately, u're not allowed to take picts inside.. but there're lotsa cool merchandise up for grabs like the RiNG.. hehe..

got dua-ed again.. i'm not happy.. not happy at all.. fren was supposed to go with me to the Foster's interview tomolo .. but he fly kite last min.. :( sianz.. i will not make ani more arrangements to meet liao.. just setting myself up for disappointment :(


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