Wednesday, March 10, 2004

went for the jurong island interview today. its a horrible place, the security checks makes u feel like u're going to JB but in a worse way. every place u go to, u have to fill in a form and change ur pass for a new pass. the interview was 3 hours long, cos there was a role play and excel test of some sort.. in the end i was given a job offer, but the salary's only slightly higher than wat citibank was offering, while the job was more mundane.. waiting to see if i can get citibank to raise their offer cos i realli want the citibank job now that the jurong island job is not as lucrative as i tot. damn..

still have 2 more interviews on friday.. maybe these 2 jobs will pay more? sianz.. there was veri heavy rain when the interview ended.. was supposed to go bugis but the rain totalli put me off, in the end i just went west mall.. hung out at the library for a while and realised that the thai language and chinese were part of the same family! the Sino-tibetan family it seems.. no wonder thai always sounded like cantonese to me.. heh..


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