Monday, March 15, 2004

didn't do much at work today.. singlehandedly converted vhs to vcds and dvds.. pretty proud of myself although the place seemed realli weird without samuel's reassuring presence ard to bail me out should i encounter ani problems..

kirin came in the afternoon to seek my help on his comp's problem.. it couldn't log on to the net it seemed.. but strangely, all i did was uninstall his mcafee and install my norton, did a full system scan and it worked. it connected to the science centre's wireless LAN without me having changed ani settings, oni proxy stuff.. haha.. and his comp didn't have ani viruses apparently, after a full system scan.. must be my magical touch.. anihow.. its working fine now all thanks to me :)

finalli touching my CFA books again after a long break.. realise its realli difficult to study while working.. no focus no continuity, just alot of start and stops and u prolly forget what u read b4 oso.. sianz.. maybe cannot score so high liao..


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