Thursday, March 25, 2004

today. hmm.. supposed to go Nike sale this morning but i was oredi on the train when hanping called to tell me it was wrong info by his fren. it was just a dumb B.I.R.D. sale at suntec. in the end, since i was oredi outside, we went to collect his IC from ICA building.. then went bugis cos i wanted to trim my eyebrows.. long time since i last had my brows trimmed by a pro.. i look so gd suddenli :) haha.. then bought a pair of heels at URS.. cos the tangerine slippers i was wearing was falling apart ( & they were my sis' aniway.. ) argh.. $45 gone just liddat.. but they looked gd (which was rare, given my bony feet and yucky toes) .. and felt pretty comfortable.. not too casual for work as well.. ah well.. have to get the most use out of it then..

after that.. hanping came to milenia with me for lunch cos i thot i had skived enuff and i betta get back during lunch hour to avoid scrutinising.. had a hurried lunch.. and came back to work.. going to stay till 9pm today just to make up for it though.. :) i'm realli not a slacker!!

figured out how to use my hp as a modem to my laptop.. mUAHAHAH! internet access again!! hee.. had quite a happy day today.. i dun even mind working late.. hahaha.. :)


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