Wednesday, March 17, 2004

i was going to say this morning that today must be the most boring day ever but i changed my mind. just got back from work in fact. damn tired. things got busy at noon after i slacked the whole morning. dunno how i did it, but made a big mess by mixing up 2 tapes and vcds. luckily, i mixed them up in a set so hopefulli they come back to change it. :( got scolded by this unreasonable guy as well. its not my fault if a PC chooses to break down and i have oni 2 to work with when there's like 10 in the queue to convert. and its not my fault if everyone b4 him has almost 15 min of tape. which incidentalli takes bout 30 min to convert. freak. luckily my boss was there and he knew that it wasn't my fault so he tried to pacify the customer abit.. the idiot customer still shouted at me in front of everyone. was veri tempted to just throw his tape in his face and his money back at him.

after that, i dunno wat the hell was wrong with pple, all came streaming out like 5 min b4 closing and expected me to convert their damn tapes in 5 min. HALLO!! wake up ur idea!! i also need to eat and go home leh.. tell them have to wait one hour they not happy. and worst thing was these late pple were the kiasu type who had >10 min in their tapes too. had like 6-7 tapes and was almost on the verge of tears. lucki some of the pple were more understanding and happy to see themselves on TV. and the dumb PC that could directly convert DVD was down so had to stay after to finish up a DVD for tomolo. did u noe that 22 min of VHS takes like 2 hours to convert to DVD using Pinnacle!?! bloody hell.. and it took up to bout 4GB of HDD to convert that damn thing.. lucki the person nv ask me on the spot do for him, will bloody hell kill him for holding up the PC.

luckily hawx called to see if i wanted dinner at 7plus.. :) thanks man.... at least had some proper food for the whole day. yes, i had no lunch break nor dinner break cos there was no one else to man the booth!! will sue science centre if they deduct ani time off my time for lunch/dinner.. no rest no nothing. luckily i saturday leaving liao.. damn shack..


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