Saturday, March 20, 2004

yay!!! last day of work@!!! so many new temp staff came today that i felt pretty redundant.. it was a great feeling to be able to slack though haha.. finalli bought some souvenirs from the LOTR merchandise area.. staff have 10% discount!! argh.. too late though.. bought an Aragorn sword pendant, think i'm going to buy the Legolas leaf crest as well.. its realli veri cool.. gd to wear as a choker.. looks abit like a dog tag though.. ;p

received the email to register for commencement 2004! woohoo! wanted to borrow the gown from andy but heard from YY that they changed the design so have no choice but to buy a new set.. finalli i can formalli graduate and receive my cert.. and be able to meet all my frens again .. :)

had a realli weird dream last nite.. dreamt i met the sixoneders.. even the ones in US. was veri surprised but veri happy to see them. but dunno how come in the end it became a nitemare.. became a confrontation instead, and things turned ugly.. woke up feeling veri sad.. quite troubled by it.. will pray for these guys far away when i go temple tomolo. dun think i can stand anithing happening to them.

have been keeping tabs on the dreamd8 blogs and i realise once again, its degenerated into a popularity contest. haiz. & it pisses me off to noe i can write/blog/look better than some of them yet i didn't get in cos of not-so-gd interview skills? or that i wasn't as controversial as xiaxue? dulanz. but heard from a fren in it that its become alot of backstabbing and rumour mongering by some who wanna go all out to win. i can't realli handle that so perhaps its all for the best i suppose.. aniway, some of the blogs are realli gd so do support them.. and some of these pple deserve the prize money as well, so do try to vote for Kirin or Zonda.. :P

heaps of things to do tomolo b4 i start work on Monday.. pretty excited.. must remember to buy strappy heels and a new pair of pants for work.. :) going to meet frens for buffet lunch and my mom wanna go temple to give thanks as well.. and there's just 3 more hours of work left! woohoo!


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