Friday, March 19, 2004

finalli i'm sane enuff to update.. yesterday there was a new guy (thank god!!) so i was supposed to train him in the video conversion and stuff.. he didn't learn veri fast.. cos mainly he wasn't veri confident.. but it helps to have an extra pair of hands ard... like he can concentrate on his station while i can do my side. i believe in the throwing a person in a river to force him to learn to swim method.. either u learn or u drown. a little cruel but u can't hold a person's hand forever.. called in sick today.. want to start studying properly for CFA and have abit of personal time as well.. sacrificing $60 for a bit of time is definitely worth it, dun need to spend on lunch money or bus fare oso man.. tiredz.. think i'll be sleeping a little more today..


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