Tuesday, March 23, 2004

woot! the Skillsoft tok today was realli gd.. basicalli was a aftersales support kind of thing, teaching their clients wat tools there are to aid their use of the software and wat tools are available to help them market the use of it.. all e-learning stuff basically, but i spoke to lotsa people and i feel veri adultish and got alot of namecards as well.. no wonder they call this networking.. but it was pretty cool.. spoke to the singapore reps from US, local support basicalli.. veri frenli.. we are their clients after all.. and felt happy that i could speak up in front of all these experienced pple despite being a newbie.. :) cos the day b4 dana (my superior) had just gone thru the whole program with me and Mira (my immediate superior) .. ahh.. feel veri happy..

went to watch cat in the hat.. mike myers was sooo funny.. !! haha.. he reminded me of austin powers though.. imagine austin powers in the cat suit.. muahaha.. hilarious.. the story isn't much but the acting was pretty gd.. and the sets veri cutesy pretty too.. :) had a veri sweet evening.. went shopping at Heeren after the movie.. but realised the cheque i banked in yesterday hasn't been reflected in my account yet.. damn.. had to resist all temptation to buy clothes.. :S hope tomolo will have the money liao..


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