Wednesday, March 31, 2004

SHUCKS.. arrived at work today to realise my boss wasn't in yesterday! shouldn't have wasted money getting MC.. Damn..

did anione realise how clear the sky is today? how good the view is from the 33rd floor of millenia towers overlooking the esplanade? I can see all the way to alexandra from here.. but of all days, i had to forget my digicam today.. :( @#$%^ life is full of wasted opportunities..

planning a KL trip for the long weekend.. is it too late to book tix now?

have realised that in popularity contests, the meek will NOT triumph. its the evil, the most conniving, cunning, hypocritical pple that will survive. pity that's true in ani other areas like workplace politics as well. :( why are there such pple in society? didn't they learn the gd old values of cooperation, kindness, love, peace and joy? backstabbing is such a disgusting move, something which oni the lowest of the low resort to. how do these pple actualli bring themselves to do such things? dun they feel ani remorse or guilt in speaking ill of other pple? maybe i'm too goody goody for my own health but i believe in doing my best for every single thing to earn the rewards and not thru actions that will adversely affect others.. :( anihow.. not that i encountered backstabbing or anithing, was just thinking all these things on the bus to work..


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