Monday, March 29, 2004

great day at work! ok not realli that gd cos the my boss came back from thailand.. it was weird cos i had had 4 days of freedom liao and not realli used to her sitting beside me.. aniwayz.. hanping came to find me for lunch today cos he was on the way to simlim to collect his pay for the IT show.. so sweet of him! we wasn't going to meet until wed for a movie cos we seem to be seeing each other way too much but he said he missed me so he came to find me.. :) mmm... wat a sweet guy :) so i had like a late late lunch at 3+ which made working alot easier cos i had oni like 2 hours more to work after lunch haha.. psychologically veri motivating.. aniway... he came back after collecting his pay and we met karen and other sci centre colleagues for dinner and pool.. long time nv played pool liao.. and i didn't noe hanping was such a lame joke king.. we couldn't stop laughing at the cold jokes he was making although salleh was comparable in his lameness.. arhh.. these jokes make me wanna bang my head against the wall..

anihow.. was shocked this morning when lynn suddenli msged me to say she was last.. :( and she got eliminated of course.. didn't realise all the contestants had supporters to push them up last min.. siao!!! from 1st last nite she got eliminated.. wat a pity! :( sorri lynn :(

i must say, this is the happiest i've been in a long time.. nv met anione who realli loves me so much in such a short time, and who actualli makes plans for the future unlike all the other commitment phobes i've met.. i think i'm in love... but i'm scared to let myself sink into this should it be a faux.. i have had enuff retribution for all the past mistakes... please let me have true happiness this time?


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