Thursday, April 01, 2004

was at my fav place for dinner yesterday.. pasta cafe at taka that is.. and something unpleasant happened to spoil my dinner. this freak came in and sat 2 tables away from us. he didn't look like a freak, just a normal nerdish geek, and he just sat down and ordered only a glass of red wine. kinda tot it was weird that anione would go there for wine, and we tot he was just waiting for a late date or something.. a little uncomfortable after like half hour and he still sits there sipping his wine and looking ard. we just tried to ignore the creep and eat our food. basically, he looked like a loser.. suddenli, we heard someone toking realli loudly, reprimanding the waitress on my right. surprise surprise! its the freak. he was kao-bei-ing bout how the waitress should have served him water b4 he started drinking, how the wine wasn't aged enuff blah blah.. the manager heard the commotion and came over.. the freak repeated his stupid complaints again. in a nasal kiam-pah voice. i was getting quite pissed at him by then but there were 2 sec sch girls in the table btw me and him else i would have given him a peace of my mind. wat a dumbass, this is a PASTA cafe, not a wine bar!! being the fake wine critique, he was obviously out for some freebies using his cheap tricks. the manager didn't try to argue, poor man, he got a realli dulan look on his face while he tried to explain politely that they oni serve young wine here. the freak just left without paying after all those righteous tok bout how he's been mistreated as a customer. KNS!! if i see him again i'll definitely wack him! NB! spoil my dinner with all his crap! if u're so rich and wanna drink wine, go to a bar DUH!! he's prolly afraid of the bouncers throwing him out.. obviously out for free food and wanna create trouble. wat an ASS! and he couldn't even speak proper english with all his pretending to be high class and know-all bout wines. IDIOT!! anihow, after he left, the 2 girls at the next table starting mimicking his words and discussing wat an idiot he was. couldn't help but burst out laughing.. as we turned to leave, was surprised to see posh and shaun (dreamd8s!) .. posh recognised me and said hi :) i still maintain she's realli realli nice unlike one of the bitch we all hate in the contest who deserves to drown her fat face in the toilet bowl.

watching passion of the christ later.. julia got us free tix!! :) thanks jules.. poor hanping becoming poor after we go out so often.. actualli me too hehe.. but i should be getting my pay for citibank in bout 3 days.. so YAY!

back to work for now..


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