Sunday, April 04, 2004

suddenli had a weird tot today... was at tuition and the kid was irritating me a little with her inability to have opinions bout her newspaper article even after my attempts to discuss it with her.. anihow.. was sms-ing hanping bout me dying (if i got drenched in a rain since i'm sick now, and he asked me to drink rain water.. yadda yadda, its a long story) .. and i suddenli realised, if i died, my blog readers wouldn't noe. & since no one has the password to my blog aniway, no one can update and tell the world i died and left.. was thinking, i'll tell everyone now, if there are no updates from me (unless i said i'm taking a break from blogging or something along this line), no updates from me after one whole week.. take it that i've left this world.. sad huh.. but this is the oni way i can think of to let pple noe i have died.. by preconceiving a communication method of non-communication. wow.. that sentence was way too cheem.. heh.. :P


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