Sunday, April 04, 2004

due to the tight deadlines i'm suddenli facing at work.. (the boss of my boss just came back) have to do work even on my own comp at home liao.. thats veri sad.. come home still have to face more work..

its not difficult work, just tedious.. cos the idiot who did them b4, he can't use powerpoint at all!! he would use a new text box for every single phrase or word or bullet he used, such that there would be like 20 small textboxes on a single slide that are super small. to edit their fonts or standardize their font size i have to erm, either re-type all into a new text box altogether or shift-click all of them. Being an IT student, modularity is like super ingrained into us and basicalli, i can't stand things that isn't editing-frenli at all. was super pissed and i kena-ed a headache from staring at the comp screen for so long i wanna puke. yes... can realli feel the nausea.. dun worri, i realli think its the screen, its definitely not pregnancy haha.. but i am sick, prolly from late nites, and kinda have flu and fever.. sad... but see doctor veri ex.. i dun wanna waste money... :(

hanping met my family yesterday, my sis loves his lame jokes. esp since she tot he looks quite cool, until he started laughing haha.. my mom was a little rude, like the one in the kidney patient TCS8 show when one of the moms met the girlfren of the dreamzfm guy (i'm realli bad at remembering tv serial pple names) .. she kept looking behind him while tokin to him, and did not look him in the eyes at all.. after that she kept asking me why dun wan andy, and i was like ... totalli exasperated.. it was mutual and my dad was more understanding when i said that. even if we were together for like 2 years, if there were things that wasn't rite, so wat if we had held on for even longer? there was no long term security bcos i wasn't his ideal gf, and we were together cos he loved me, but he didn't realli see ani future with me, he even admitted that to me.. its quite sad, but since our priorities were different, isn't it better to part amicably than to be not even frens? he gives me great advice and he noes me so well, its a pity to lose the frenship liddat.. haiz..


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