Wednesday, April 07, 2004

i'm now up and about at 3am in the morning cos i just woke up.. yes, i just woke up (surprise surprise!) .. took a small yellow tablet at 7pm (chlorpheniramine) for my cold and started feeling groggy like 5 min later. managed to eat dinner my mom cooked (best meal i've had in a long time actualli) and K-O-ed. actualli received a sms from hanping b4 i slept to check on my flu but i was half asleep and didn't reply him until like 2 hours later when i woke up to another sms from him. *oops* aniway.. was lazy to reply and still veri groggy, so asked him to call me and was supposed to meet him for supper but i was jus too knocked out by the pill still at bout 11pm. almost fell asleep in the midst of conversation in fact. finalli dragged myself out of bed at 2.30am to finish up the powerpoint slides i was doing for work.. which almost bored me to sleep again.. *zzz* anihow.. this is why i dun like to eat medicine, cos they have such multiplied effects on me. one small pill can knock me out for nearli 8 hours.. pretty weak man..


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