Tuesday, April 06, 2004

my boss is the best! ;) was blowing my nose this whole morning and she told me to take half day off home to rest. yay! coincidentalli, i had arranged to meet hanping for lunch and so had the luxury of having a long lunch at thai express b4 heading home. their seafood laksa in yellow curry is YUMMY! wanted to have a swim when i reached home but it started raining so i took a nap instead.. :)

shucks. now the dreamd8 thing seems like a big evil thing. even more so i want kirin to win now. espcialli got that horrid Ghost who left bad comments on his blog. haiz. why is he so suay? he realli tries to be a veri gd fren, fixed me up with one of his closest frens who turns out to be realli realli such a great, wonderful guy its unbelievable why we didn't noe each other sooner. we crossed paths several times, just like in "turn left turn right", on gunbound i played with/against him unknowingly, i missed his presence at IT show when kirin wanted to intro us, some of the NUS bazaars he was there.. and kirin was so concerned when there was problems btw us, he tried to make sure things were ok btw us and all.. thanks dude.. i realli appreciate it, understand ur gd intentions. i'm veri nearli like u, so i understand wat u are going thru.. being misunderstood cos of unfound and hurtful rumours is a terrible feeling. i noe u want us to stop voting for u, but please, its so near to the end liao, its a pity to just give up. give us permission to vote again and u have all our fullest support until the end. (even hanping will vote cos i ask him to, despite his seeming hostility.. he wistfully wondered wat u were up to today, and i could sense that he does regret his rash anger & he misses ur frenship) dun lose out to the evil pple, all u need to do is allow us to give u full support.. :)


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