Monday, April 05, 2004

took a look at the voting of the dreamd8 thingey this morning and saw that kirin was last. he had asked us all not to vote for him animore and i guess it was his choice.. however, saw that his ranking had moved up a few minutes later.. hmm.. was online chatting with him and he wasn't happy bout it.. aiyoh.. pple support u still not happy? had to leave for work and found out later he wasn't eliminated :) hey kirin.. just be thankful for ur loyal silent supporters lah.. next week u prolly out liao oso lor.. haha.. so cheer up!

feeling realli sick today and i lost my voice. argh, having no paid MCs realli sux. :(

back to tedious powerpoint conversion. yuck yuck yuck. looking forward to lunchtime..


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