Monday, April 05, 2004

wah.. did not realise that the moment i had lunch, i didn't have to work for the rest of the day..

my boss asked me to go shopping with her for a farewell gift for her colleague and have lunch with her.. it was quite fun actualli, kinda like a getting to noe each other more session as well. we went to orchard and wandered around for like 2 hours in the scotts and tanglin area b4 giving up and going to Royal selangor at taka to get her a pewter clock. yes, song zhong. i felt kinda awkward knowing she's giving a clock as a gift (i'm pretty superstitious i suppose) but since she's indonesian and the receiver was american, i guess no harm done, since they were both ignorant.. heh. the clock was nice though.. veri unique, the base was like a bamboo stick hollowed out.. we finalli took a cab back after she treated me lunch at taco bell :) by then, it was like 3.30pm.. then i just had no more mood for work..

messed ard with my laptop for a while when she went for a meeting and i was sent off on an errand to get her a farewell greeting card by 6pm at 5.15pm.. hehe.. went to marina to realise that the whole humongous place had no gift shop. !! realised that the nearest place was like city link and had to walk all the way to Kalm's. I was not feeling well by then despite the opportunity to skive off on shopping trips the whole day. nose was like totalli stuck and it was veri difficult to breathe with my mouth in the airconditioned area. while walking fast. :X aniway, got some card that cost >$5 that wished her success and all.. veri classy, hallmark card, but way more than i would ever spend on a card ever since i learnt to use a PC to print greeting cards.. :P rushed back for her to sign the card etc, and cos she left for the farewell dinner earli, i left work earli too.. haha..

hanping was so happy to see me for dinner.. was actualli planning to surprise him but turns out he was planning to surprise me to meet me at home, so i guess luckily we discussed the surprise b4hand.. heh.. we think pretty similarly, so not difficult to come up with the same things based on our feelings that day.. :) arghh.. but parting is always so sianz. always have to meet for short while then leave for home, its a veri off feeling. i wished i had like one whole week to properly spend with him and then i won't complain i haven had enuff time with him yet.


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