Thursday, April 08, 2004

veri sleepy day. woke up late and reached work oni at 9.40am. i DID NOT realise today i was allowed to dress down; apparently, the rule applies on the last day of the week and not just fridays. DAMN. and i wasted so much time at home thinking wat i can wear without looking too casual cos i was going out for drinks after work. i was surprisingly productive today though, did like 5 sets of slides which is a new record for me muahaha.. although now have a headache and nausea again. YUCK. i think its realli weather related. i dun feel so gd and as i look out the window, i can barely see anithing. yah, its super hazy outside again. bleahz. can't wait until its 7pm. haiz, 3 more hours. sianz......


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