Saturday, April 10, 2004

INto the Mirror (that korean show on TVmobile with the mirror and the girl) is super scary. whole cinema was screaming. the sound effects were gd. and veri veri gory. and the concept of the movie was novel; it introduced the idea of a symmetrical world behind mirrors. ending had a not-so-good twist.. shall not be a spoiler.. :P do catch it, its quite worth it. there was this one time where there was so much built up suspense and not a sound in the cinema until a guy suddenli shouted to his gf "stop scaring me!!" who prolly was jumping at every sudden movement in the show... heh.. he made the whole theatre laugh and the tense moment dropped.. movie had some funny moments of sarcasm as well.. so its not like heart stopping thruout..

had curry fish head for dinner finalli.. :) worth all $19 of it.. a little expensive, but its food court, can't expect hawker centre prices.. at jurong point by the way..

going to study til late at least one book of CFA materials.. zzz.. oredi dozing off..


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