Wednesday, April 14, 2004

blackout. my first at home in 21.5 years of my life. it was traumatising.

just reached my house downstairs. stepped into the lift and the lights flickered. tot nothing bout it, but was a little spooked. all horror movies involving lifts went thru in my head. i pressed 4th flr and the doors closed. the lights started flickering alarmingly fast. my heart was probably pounding as fast. heard whirring sounds, tot the lift was oredi moving up and the lift blacked out. nearly screamed my heart out. lift doors opened and i stepped out, expecting to see familiar surroundings outside my apartment. realised i was still on the ground floor. was freaked out. didn't noe wat was going on, could oni see the black lift doors opened ominously in front of me.. the corridors were still lit at that point. walked to the stairs. took a step and everything went dark. jumped out of my skin. and of course back to where there was at least moonlight. decided to wait there til my mom came down to look for me.. :P

turns out my mom (veri timid as well except when scolding pple) didn't dare to come down and shouted at me to walk up the stairs myself. damn. lucki there were lights in the stairway, prolly powered by our own generators..walked up to find out no light at all except from my handphones. had to light candles and tealights.. quite romantic but i realised 2 of my tealight holders were missing... hv to look for them soon.. basicalli realised woodlands, cck, jurong west, boon lay all blackout, but bukit timah seems to be the worst hit, even the street lights all off. and we were the last to resume power. hopefulli no more blackouts. rumour has it that it was the neighbouring countries that cut our power to try to attack us.

weather's damn hot tonite. hope i can sleep soon.


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