Saturday, April 17, 2004

had a good day today :)

hp came over to swim and we suntan for like 2 hours so now i'm a nice tan brown, even my tummy.. :P then i cooked lunch for him while we studied our stuff. basicalli veri relaxing day.. he bought me the HerWorld Brides magazine and we looked thru it for ideas.. realised that our choice of package is not bad, cos the studio is like 18 years old and featured in the magazine as well.. :) going down to check out the show tomolo as well.. but their designs are NICE.. :)

aniway.. floated the idea of marriage during dinner and it was not well-received. ahh abit too earli, but hp was there as well and it was obvious they are still damn living in their own generation (my parents).. still trying to control my life as usual and hp could see why i sianz of toking to them oso, cos they were so unreasonable.. :(


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