Friday, April 16, 2004

i finalli finished my slides!! wooHOO!! .. was slacking half the day away in celebration haha.. aniway, celebrated a colleague's bday in the boss' office (which became a meeting) and i listened in on it, with minimal contribution since it wasn't relevant to wat i was doing..

hp came to find me for lunch, jack was supposed to meet us but he once again nv reply and all, and in the end tell us he busy, so bochup him. there's a bridal promotion thingey at millenia walk and we got pulled in to tok to the pple bout it. hmm.. it turned out to be a gd thing cos hmm, it was a worthwhile tok. about 3.5k for that bridal package, and it was like open date thingey.. so just needed to pay the deposit and keep them informed of dates so that they can schedule for u.. their photography's quite gd, so i think it's pretty worthwhile, gown's made to design as well.. woo.. suddenli can envision myself walking down the aisle.. :) check out their gowns and photos here: www.goldenhorseawards.com.sg hmm.. i'm pretty excited bout this.. now i just have to figure out how to let my parents noe..


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