Thursday, April 15, 2004

hot sia. hot...

reached home to receive my pay from the LOTR exhibition. $505!!! WOOHOO!!!! haha.. this month have savings liaoz.. muahahah...

met up with xinhuan today for dinner.. had a gd chat.. she got to meet hp too! :) she also at a loss as to describing him but after a conversation where she was testing his sincerity to me, she gave him the approval.. hee.. :) we went ard looknig at rings and discussing marriage.. so funny hehe.. after that watched Honey the movie and the dancing was super cool ... makes me feel like learning hip hop as well..

was kinda pissed at work. it was 5.30pm, and becos one girl was on MC, the other girl wanted to leave earli, couldn't finish her work and dumped everything to me. i can't believe it. i was supposed to meet hp and he was downstairs liaoz some more.. and it was work that needed > 2 hours. sian half, and my eyes were hurtin. yes hurting and everything looked blurry. think i better go get new specs or somethin. damn. can't bear to use my new pay to buy specs. :(


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