Sunday, April 18, 2004

i am very embarrassed by my mom. (would like to say i hate her but its too strong). she's damn rude to my bf, treating him like he's invisible, always being so unreasonable. throwing tantrums and slamming doors in the house. asking me to do a thousand and one things and accusing me of things i nv do. scolding me bout things when she was the one who broke her promises. KNN. would like to one day scold her in her face and just leave. have tolerated this for 21 years, dun see why i have to stay on further. going to save and leave when i can afford it. maintain minimal contact to keep peace in the house. she hates me too obviously, always scolding me but not my sisters for NOTHING. i'm always the bad one, other pple's daughters and sons are so gd, why dun u learn frm them? blah blah.. fuck her.


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