Sunday, April 18, 2004

took a big step today. equivalent to hmm.. from one side of the road to the other? (in one steP) we put down the deposit for the wedding package thingey.. after watching their showcase fashion show at millenia walk.. the dresses were WOW.. & me and hp were like looking with our mouths open haha.. cos it was a promotion and they were giving custom-made wedding bands as well, we went to the jeweller's after getting our receipt and it was weird cos the guy was like saying "so wat size does ur husband wear?" n it took me a while b4 realising he was toking to me. it sounds weird, we've been barely b/gf for a while and suddenli he's my husband? heh.. aniway.. after that we were both veri happy, didn't even feel my hunger from not having eaten lunch.. :) we just wandered around suntec hand in hand looking to see wat to eat and since hp has been craving to eat the kuali buffet (formerly congress), we decided to hang ard the food court and wait for the buffet to start.. SO HAPPY!! hehe.. seriously big step but he took it as well so its realli time to look forward and work towards this goal.. :)


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