Thursday, April 22, 2004

first evening in eons (since i started working it seems like eons aniway) i been home for dinner. reached home at 9? haiz. not veri earli, but i tried to leave the office at 8. long walk to the bus stop. all the way from millenia towers to esplanade. in heels. argh. and came home to a crap dinner. not that it tasted crap, just that there was so little left of everything i was almost licking the dishes to get at every morsel cos i was sooooo famished. haiz. so hungry now still. and sleepy. but if i try to sleep, all i hear & feel is my stomach growling so i can't sleep. & i'm grumpy as well. cos i'm hungry, and hungry jocelyn is always VERI grumpy. :(

i'm now stoning in front of the PC trying to recall my day. oni thing i remembered was i had lunch at crystal jade (courtesy of lynn, my colleague). she was craving for the porridge and ended up treating us lunch. :) thanks lynn! :) then we went to carrefour and i bought some snacks for me to eat when i was working. in the end saw some mushi icecream thet King's came up with which looked jap and delicious so bought it and treated the other girls to it during tea-time. (no my office is not that kind to give us tea-time and yes, it was self-declared) a little too frozen but pretty gd.

think i'm going senile. i can't rem even today. wat i did. wat happened. and i just feel tired all the time. freaking exhausted from sitting down all day and not doing much work with my brains. cRAP.

oh and i'm still waiting for my UOB visa debit mini. applied for one last week. but it HASN'T arrived yet. freaking slow bank processes. but it's Sooooo cHIO. check this out:

cooler than visa mini in fact :)


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