Saturday, April 24, 2004

have signed up for Google's new Gmail (as solicited to all blogspot users) and i must say, its realli quite gd. besides loading realli fast (unlike spymac which is totalli slow, and doesn't retrieve mails except every few days), it also doesn't time out users who keep the window open similar to outlook. it auto-refreshes every few min to check for new mail, and has this cool "Labeling" function for u to sort your mail. although the filtering of spam still leaves much to be desired, but overall, sorting and searching done great (of course they do that well, they're GOOGLE) and the 1GB mail space is a bonus to the efficient way of checking mail everyday. so i've switched from the booboogal mail to the new email alexxis@gmail.com. do email me, even ani short note, i LOVE to receive letters :)

stoning at home on a saturday afternoon.. would have gone to NTU but feeling too lazy to do that. think he needs to study w/o me oso.. i'm too much of a distraction :P feels gd to relax at home without facing strangers and worrying wat they're thinking when they see me walking to the loo like once every 2 hours? i drink alot, and pee alot apparently, but then u nv noe wat these pple are thinking despite smiling so brightly all the time. maybe its cos they get a ton of renumeration so they can smile at everyone. did u noe that they top dog gets like $3k of transport allowance per month??!! $3K!! on transport alonE!!! :(


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