Sunday, April 25, 2004

another $25 earned today :) tuition in the morning then afternoon studied with hp. or should i say i had lunch and took a nap in his room until 5? :S NO DISCIPLINE!! argh... wanted to study one.. in the end studied until 7 and then went home.. :( dunno why i feel sooo tired. couldn't wake up from the nap. kept dozing off when i tried to wake up. tmd.. and i've been falling asleep in front of my comp for the past 2 nites while chatting.. :(

was traumatised tonite. on my way back, when i was walking towards my estate, saw a man walk out, towards the railway side. then he stopped in front of the hedge. tot he was waiting for some one, but as i walked nearer, realised he was in a peeing position facing the wall. OMG. this is the 2nd time this week i've seen men peeing there. IN PUBLIC. wats wrong with these PERVS???? he saw me walking towards him and quickly zipped up and pretended to just be smoking. but i could see the wet puddle on the ground and almost puked. YUCK. the 1st time, i saw a taxi parking at the side of the road. the driver got out and walked into the small lane towards the railway. AND he started like unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his pants while walking towards the lane, STILL in full view of the main road. i was nearli blind BUT I'M NOT BLIND YET!! veri veri disgusted. and i made a mental note to be home by 8 every nite from now on unless someone's sending me back.

had this realli gd idea. it's still in the midst of construction but me & hp decided to blog daily into a shared blog of events/happenings/thots in our relationship. to have something to look back and read about in future. :) sweet idea huh? be prepared to get realli jealous of us. muahahah..


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